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Adele Island

The Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust (set up in 2007), a partnership between the community, park tourist operators and D.O.C, maintains the trapping and predator monitoring network on Adele which is in place to catch predators that get onto the island. It also has trap lines on the park coast to prevent predators swimming to Adele, just 800 metres from the coast, and nearby predator-free Fisherman Island.

D.O.C carried out rodent eradication on the park’s Adele, Fisherman and Tonga Islands in 2007 to pave the way for their ecological restoration and for their use as island wildlife refuges. Stoats were removed from 87-hectare Adele Island through trapping assisted by the Marahau community.

Now Adele Island is the home to a large varieties of wildlife especially birdlife.So come take a walk and listen to the beautiful birdsong.

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